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Lyndon & Mark 1983  

Mark & Lyndon - circa 1983

How did we get from here...

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Mark and Lyndon 2013

Mark & Lyndon 2014


O l d e r     L i n k s

A tribute to Frances Kelly

See Melissa's cat Checkers giving a message to our cat Otis!!!

Wanna see some really old pictures of us when we were youngn's? ha!

See the wild party the dog and cat threw as soon as we left for the airport to go on vacation!

Check out Lyndon's 2003 Birthday puzzle here!

Mark & Lyndon's Video clips


R e c e n t      E v e n t s
Dec - Christmas in Houston

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A b o u t   o u r   t o w n :

Pennybacker Bridge in AustinAustin Texas is still a pretty cool place to live. Town lake, music, Barton Springs, the hill country, 6th street, Congress Avenue bats, and Lake Travis are just a few things appealing about Austin.


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